About Matlab R2010b (Multi-Platform)

The preferred method of running Matlab under Brown's new TAH license is to request a Designated Computer License that may be used without a connection to Brown's network.

Licensed for academic and research use by Brown faculty, staff and registered students.

Matlab usage is controlled by a license manager running on a Brown server.


Matlab (vendor: The MathWorks) is a high performance computational system for numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing and graphics. You can enter mathematical functions in an intuitive manner without the need for traditional programming. You can run Matlab from the Matlab command line or by writing script files called 'M-files'. Matlab contains a fairly comprehensive mathematical and graphics library, and also may be extended to specialized functions using the Simulink tool and specialized toolboxes.

Check here for free/open source alternatives


Matlab software is licensed material and remains the property of The MathWorks, Inc. This software may be used only by members of the Brown University community (students, faculty, and staff), and may not be used for commercial purposes. Matlab access is controlled by a FlexLM license manager running on a UNIX server.

By downloading this software you agree to these limitations.

Operating System: Multi-platform installer - Macintosh OS 10.5.5+ (Intel only), Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32- and 64-bit), Unix
Memory: 1GB minimum, 2GB recommended
Disk space:

install_matlabr2010b_multi.zip: 4 GB
6 GB total free space required

Release date: 2010.11.09
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Download and

I have read the support and licensing statements and wish to obtain the Matlab TAH Designated Computer License for use without the Brown network

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